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Faculty Door Cards

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Q. Do I need to print a copy of my door card for the Instruction Office or my Dean?
A. No, the goal of the door cards on the web is to eliminate the paper-work and save some trees. The VP's and Deans can visit this site anytime during the semester and look up your door card.

Q. The lines and time block colors are not showing on my print-out. How do I fix that?
In your browser preferences you need to ensure that "print background" is selected. To do this in IE go to Tools ->Internet Options -> Advanced. Then scroll down to "printing" and ensure the box is checked.

Q. My phone, bldg, room or division information is incorrect at the top of my door card. How do I change it?
A. Create a work order at and request your information be updated in the District Directory. We are trying to keep one universal, up-to-date database of everyone's contact information.

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